The Motherhood and Maternity Guide

Prepare Now

Prepare NowStart preparing for the birth and raising of your child before it actually happens. Read books about motherhood and parenting to get an idea about what’s coming. Take a look at parenting blogs and learn from their stories (humor and horror). Talk to people you know and others online who have experience with parenting and see if they can give you any pointers.

Most importantly, don’t forget to apply all of that knowledge you’ve learned once your time comes around.

Have Patience

Have PatienceParenting can be a trying time–a trust test of patience–and you don’t want to go crazy running after your kids all the time. If you learn to have a little patience and use it constantly, you’ll keep yourself from going bald and/or gray before your time. All it takes is knowing which battles to fight and which ones aren’t worth it. After that, you just need to be an example for your children and have the right expectations for them.

Maintain Relationships

Maintain RelationshipsAlthough your relationship with your new baby is vital, you shouldn’t neglect the relationships you already have. Maintaining the relationships you have with your partner, other children (if you have more), extended family, and friends is just as important.

However, it’s going to take a bit for you to learn how to balance your time. You might even feel like your life is one big juggling act, but don’t get overwhelmed. Keep trying, and eventually you’ll get the right balance down.